Selling a Home in Silicon Valley

There are lot of different ways to sell a house but the reality is that each house, each situation, each agent, each seller, each buyer, each month, and each lender make for a unique set of circumstances that can affect the home sale.

In this hot  Silicon Valley selling may seem may seem like a slam-dunk, but if you want top dollar there is a lot you can do to improve your final sales price.

CJ Brasiel has over 10 years of experience buying and selling in the bay area. She’s managed a huge variety of sales and each and every client is treated as though they are the only ones.

CJ’s knowledge of negotiating the best contracts, California real estate practices and individual neighborhoods from Saratoga, Los Gatos, Willow Glen to Blossom and Almaden valley and south to Morgan Hill and Gilroy that makes her the best choice to sell your home.

Questions? Download our free Seller’s Guide and then call CJ at 408.406.6035, she’s here to serve you!


Meet CJ Brasiel, Founder and Broker of Veridian Realty Group

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    What our clients say about working with CJ Brasiel

    We felt like her only clients

    I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with C.J. Brasiel. Throughout the entire home sale process, CJ was professional, conscientious, and motivated. I often felt as though I was her only client. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to short sale my home, but right from the start CJ was very informative and made sure I understood the entire process.

    She worked diligently with the bank to make sure the house was priced correctly and consequently the sale went through without incident. She was able to take a very difficult time in my life and turn it in to a positive experience. Thank you, CJ, for all of your help and guidance. You are the best and I would gladly recommend you to anyone wishing to sell a home.



    Always a positive attitude

    I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did while selling my house. You kept in close contact with my husband, Darrell, and me through the whole process. Even if I called you at night on a Sunday you always returned my calls promptly. You were aware of the current market and used all selling methods including the Web to present my house very effectively.

    At times I was discouraged but you always had a positive attitude. Our prospective buyers were being very demanding but you worked hard to solve each issue as it came up. There was some particular information we needed and I know you spent hours at the County offices and at home to provide that information. I do not think any other real estate agent could have achieved that because it was extremely complicated.

    There were times I cried (because I had been in my home for 41 years) and times we laughed our heads off and, again, I really appreciate the great job you did for us.


    CJ really listens

    CJ did a wonderful job as our real estate agent. She was very patient as we made up our minds deciding where we wanted to move and also what type of residence we ultimately wanted. She gave advice to our would-be sellers on possible improvements and repairs, and they ended up taking her advice before we ever made an offer. We’ve been living in our new home a month now and couldn’t be happier with the process or the end result. Not only does CJ have expert advice, but also she’s also very patient and really listens to your wants and needs. She always had a person to recommend for anything we needed. Several teachers and administrators at my school recommended her, and we understand why they did now that we’ve seen the results. CJ is in it for the long-term, that much is obvious. You can’t go wrong with CJ as your realtor. Thanks, CJ!

    I will, without any hesitation, recommend CJ for anyone who is looking to buy/sell. Thanks for a great experience!

    P.C. and J.T…….

    Knowledge and hard work made the difference

    CJ Brasiel is the House Whisperer. Like no one I’ve ever met, she gets houses and the people they have relationships with. And I mean that exactly how I wrote it:

    She gets what houses mean to people, and she will get what your house means to you.
    She knows the real estate market, in fact, more about it than most -she understands it and she likes it. That is a killer combination if you’re going to sell your house -not just put it on the market, but sell it.

    In not the best of times, actually, one of the worst of times ever, and in a very bleak real estate market, bleaker economy and my own challenging financial situation, CJ Brasiel sold my house ‘ one I owned and lived in and loved for sixteen years for it’s full asking price, in a month, while I engaged in some other life changing adventures! And, I remained sane and sanguine throughout the whole process.

    The whole process, from the moment CJ arrived at my house for our first meeting, through inspections and staging and showing, to the negotiations, to the check in the bank, it was a win-win situation for everyone. And the few glitches along the way (there had to be, it’s a complex process with a lot of people cycling through), were so minor as to be more curious and amusing, than really bothersome.



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